Drain Mapping & Topographic Surveys

We produce highly accurate drain mapping solutions.

Professional Drain Mapping Solutions

We have years of technical experience in mapping drains, producing plans and survey sheets. We also specialise in CCTV Drain Surveys for commercial projects.

Drain mapping is a critical element in any project planning process, therefore it is imperative that the highest standard of accuracy is carried out during this phase of the project.

Many older buildings or locations do not have available drain mapping plans, the ones that do… are out of date. In most cases, we find that changes have been made to original construction.

Our drain mapping service gives you the opportunity to create or update the site plans to prevent disruptive or damage to the current drainage infrastructure.

All our equipment is state of the art and reliable, giving you the most cost effective and professional drain mapping solution on the market.

Drain Mapping Services in Glasgow, Scotland - DrainTec Solutions
Topographic Surveys in Glasgow, Scotland - DrainTec Solutions

Topographic Survey

DrainTec Solutions provide accurate topographic surveys which include the production of maps and plans that are true to scale. All our maps are created to perfectly represent both natural and man-made environments.

We carry out surveys that record the conditions of buildings for both conservation and historical records. We can specifically detail surfaces and topography for future engineering works and record the condition of projects throughout each stage, which makes quality control completely accurate.

Our surveys can also include flooring, ceiling and windows levels during the production plans, section builds and elevation builds.

We only use the latest technology including GPS, laser scanners, precise digital recording systems and robotic technology. We can help you to measure any natural environment or building project precisely and to a high standard using these modern technologies.

All our topographical surveys are created in CAD with digital copies available for your files.

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Any project that involves carrying out building works over drains or sewer pipes will require highly accurate drain mapping before work commences.

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