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Professional and Reliable Cleaning for blocked sewers

Professional & Affordable Sewer Cleaning

The presence of sewer blockages are usually not picked up until conditions have worsened. There are some signals to watch out for that will indicate a sewer blockage.

If you begin to experience bad smells from your drains, the speed of your sink drainage begins to slow or you notice water beginning to back up in to your toilet – the biggest likelihood is that your sewer is blocked.

Our team of specialists will be able to locate and identify the root of your problem and quickly rectify the issue by thoroughly cleaning your sewers.

We can clean your sewer blockages in no time at all, we operate from Glasgow and have a nationwide reach.

Drain Cleaning Services from DrainTec Solutions

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DrainTec Solutions provide professional and reliable cleaning services for blocked sewers. We work quickly and efficiently to get your sewers back in tip top shape.

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